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Wiki Mini Lessons for what is a wiki

  1. What is a wiki?
  2. Why wiki?
  3. The purpose and function of this wiki
  4. The purpose and function of other wikis
  5. The end goal of a wiki

Wiki Mini Lessons in Formatting

  1. How to edit a page
  2. How to set up another wiki page
  3. How to create headings
  4. How to italicize type
  5. How to bold type
  6. How to bullet
  7. How to number bullet
  8. How to indent
  9. How to add a web link
  10. How to add a web link with a simple title
  11. How to add a web link reference with a number
  12. How NOT to lose exisiting content on a page when you rename a page that already exists]
  13. What to do if you lose content on a page

Wiki Mini Lessons for uploading files

  1. How to upload an image to a page, such as a jpg, gif, tiff, png, etc.
  2. How to upload Word document to a page such as a doc, docx, txt
  3. How to upload other permitted file types to upload: xls, xlsx, ppt, pub, mp3, wav, wma, pdf, rtf

Wiki Mini Lessons on what to include on your wiki

  1. Introduction/Teaching Philosophy/Purpose of this wiki
  2. List of Life Skills and Classroom Expectations
  3. General Class Announcements
  4. Student fun web links and educational websites and webquest links
  5. Students guide to username and passwords
  6. Parent communication and progress reports
  7. Content for some, or each, subject you teach
Study Guides
Assignment sheets
Assignment due dates and test dates
Spelling lists
Examples of model work
List of standards or key concepts

Wiki Mini Lessons explaining use of Special Pages for all users

See toolbox on the left that lists "Special Pages."

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