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The Coast Region is a thin line of land that stretches over 800 miles! Low mountains are called the Coastal Ranges. Most California’s coast is rocky. The state of California has two natural bays, and they’re the San Francisco Bay and the San Diego Bay. The broad valleys are located between mountains of the Coast Ranges. The following valleys have rich soil: the Napa Valley, the Sonoma Valley, the Santa Clara Valley, and the Salinas Valley. The Coastal Region has two groups of islands which are a part of California. These islands’ names are the Farallon Islands and the Channel Islands. Do you know what number of small islands make up the Channel Islands? The answer is eight. The biggest of these islands is Santa Catalina. Have you ever been to the islands that I mentioned?

Do you know that the coast’s climate is very different in the northern coast and the southern coast? The Pacific Ocean changes the weather of the Coastal Region. In the northern coast, it is moist and rainy. The tallest trees grow in the world are called redwoods, and those trees grow in the northern coast. South of the northern coast is mostly dry. The Coastal Region is a fantastic place!

(Peter November 5, 2008)

Did you know that the California coast stretches 800 miles, and the coast is very rocky? There are two natural harbors in San Diego and San Francisco. The Farallon Islands and Channel Islands are part of the California Coast. Santa Catalina is the largest island in the Channel Islands. The California Coast is a very beautiful region.

The Pacific Ocean causes damp air, which cools California in the summer and warms the state during the winter. The world tallest tree is the redwood, and it grows in the California’s coast because there is more than 80 inches of rain a year in the northern part of California. The southern part of California gets less than 22 inches of rain a year. We are lucky that our state has such wonderful weather.

(Charles November 6, 2008)

The Farallon Islands and Channel Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, very near the coastal region. They are part of the coastal region because the climate is similar to the places in that region; but, the islands are located in places that not that many people can go to every time. One of the island chains is west of San Francisco. This is called the Farallon Islands. The Channel Islands are off the coast of southern California. In conclusion, some of them are near Santa Barbara, others near San Diego Bay and Long Beach, both is important to the Coastal Region.

The Farallon Islands have different features than the Channel Islands in many ways. First, the Farallon Islands are small and rocky. A difference is that Channel Islands are huge and damp. They are similar because both are wet and cool like a rainforest! As a result, they are special in many ways.

(Alicia February 4, 2010)

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