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Welcome to Excellence Through Collaboration with CG's 4th Grade

Wikis are websites that everyone can build together.

This one is a place for Camino Grove's 4th grade teacher team to collaborate, share ideas and resources, ask questions, and problem solve - all in order to advance student achievement. Our theme this year per our district superintendent Joel Shawn is "Excellence Together." We are right on track to make this happen with this collaborative wiki, so jump in and start adding your expertise!

This site is always under construction. All road, rails, and routes are determined and based upon the unique needs of our students. Planes, trains, and automobiles! Together we will get there however we can! Collaboration and sharing ideas and knowledge on this site will help us find the roads and routes to success with our students; some paths will need to be rerouted and that's okay. Each team member has gifts and talents, ideas and viewpoints that will help us get there!

Watch Wikis in Plain English video, at the Commoncraft Store to learn more about wikis.

Click on the blue link and for more information on wikis and samples of educational wikis go to the following pages:

Learn about wikis, blogs, podcasting, and other web 2.0 tools

Examples of educator wikis


Team Mission, Members, and Meetings

Team Mission, Motto, Norms
Team Members at Camino Grove
Team Meetings & Agendas

Step Through Reading

Our Focus

Writing for 4th Grade

District Writing Assessments
State Writing Assessment
My Access Online Writing

Science Rotations

Rotations and Calendar

Social Studies

U.S. Geography - An Overview
California Geography
California Regions
California Native Americans
California Exploration
California Missions
California Ranchos
California Gold Rush
California: The State

Teacher Resources Wiki

Teacher Resources -- Web Sites
Click on "Teacher Resources" above. At that wiki, click on the subject area you are interested in for a listing of many web sites related to your curriculum. Delete links if they are bad; add links you find helpful. This Teacher Resource wiki started by Coyla Grumm.

Link to Mechanically Inclined Wiki

Mechanically Inclined Please add Mechanically Inclined lessons to this site. This Mechanically Inclined wiki started by Coyla Grumm.
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