Women of the Gold Rush

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This is a picture of Louise Clappe.
This is a picture of Louise Clappe.
Louise Clappe was born an American citizen in 1819, and she died at the age of 87 in 1906. She followed her husband to the gold rush and was one of the few women there. Louise Clappe was a brave, bold, and adventurous woman. She was famous for the many letters she wrote about the GOLD RUSH!

Louise Clappe wrote 23 letters to her to her sister back in Massachusetts between September 1851 and November 1852. The letters were about the discrimination and life in the mining towns during the gold rush. Soon The Pioneer published her letters in San Francisco. These letters were known as “The Shirley Letters.“

Louise Clappe later became one of the first school teachers in San Francisco. She was known as “Dame Shirley.“ She is best known for her letters though.

(Rachel April 4, 2008)

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