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This is North and South America. Taken from Wikimedia Commons
This is North and South America. Taken from Wikimedia Commons
In order to get to the marvelous gold rush in California, people had to travel there. The first way to get to California is by land. The pioneers started from Missouri and crossed many barren plains and scorching deserts. When they almost got there, the devastated pioneers had to cross the Sierra Nevada, an enormous mountain range. The trip usually took six to nine months, and when they finally arrived at California, the gold was already long gone.

Another way to get to California was by sea. The people first started from a port, go ALL the way around South America, and arrive at California. The journey was often long and dangerous. Many of the peoples’ dreams of gold had already faded away as they faced through disease, shipwrecks, malnutrition, and storms.

Finally, the last route was by the Isthmus of Panama. The gold fever lured the person to take a ship to go to Panama. Then, the gold-seeker had to cross a narrow piece of land called an Isthmus. The miner had to wait for a ship to pick him up. Finally, The miner sails to California. The Panama route was short and extremely dangerous.

(Ellen April 2, 2008)

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