Transcontinental Railroad

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This is the railroad. Illustrated by Henry.
This is the railroad. Illustrated by Henry.
The transcontinental railroad was a name of a railroad that stretched from the east coast to the westcoast. The person who created and dreamed of this railroad was called Juddha. He, like others, dreamed of building a railroad. Soon, years after he acted on this dream. No one thought any one could make it. It was a hard journey crossing the Serra Nevadas. Judda died before his dream came to life. He never saw the railroad. The last spike on the transcontinental railroad was known as the golden spike. The spike was made of pure gold. Most of the workers who made the railroad were Chinese men who wanted to make a living. The spike was pounded in at Promotory, Utah. The date was May 10, 1869. The Central Pacific was from the west coast of the United States, and the Union Pacific was from the eastern coast of the United States. Once it was finished no one would buy the train tickets because they costed too much. Then four people helped the transcontinental railroad earn money. The four people were all named The Big Four.

(Jasmine May 20, 2008)

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