The Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American War started when America invited Texas to become a state after Texas won independence, but Mexico still considered Texas to be a part of it. When the United States' soldiers crossed the border that the Mexican government put up, they sent troops to attack them, so the United States wanted to fight against Mexico on May 13, 1846. Many Americans thought it was a chance to take California. When the Americans arrived at Monterey, it was so easy to take over Monterey. There they raised the American flag. Then the Californios had the same right as the Americans.

Later the soldiers in California were free from Mexico, but this victory didn't last long. In Los Angeles, the Californians were in Gillespie's hands. They didn't like how he treated them, so the revolted against him. Gillespie gathered some soldiers and they fought. The Californios won.

About this time, 300 American soldiers headed to California. As they were traveling, they met the famous scout, Kit Carson. Carson didn't hear about the war, so he misled them. After Kearny heard Carson say it was safe to go to California, he sent 200 soldiers back. As they reached California, they were attacked by a group of Californios. The Californios won again, but their victory didn't last long. The Americans attacked them again took control of Los Angeles.

Later on, Mexico surrendered. The war in California ended by the treaty. There was also a treaty for the Mexican-American War. Mexico gave the Americans California, Utah, Nevada, parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. The U.S. gave $15 million dollars in return. What happened was a dream come true for The United States.

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