The 5 W's of Statehood

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After the elections in 1849, the two senators in Washington D.C. asked if the congress to allow California to be joined in the United States. The members of the congress worked as a compermise. People argued to give up something. The compermise at 1850 joined the Uion as a free state. In exchange, Congress passed a law that that anyone who was helping a slave escape would be punished.


There were many severe things that California needed to decide when California was added to the union. 48 delegates decided that the southern border would be shared with Mexico. The western border was obviously aligned with the Pacific Ocean. California's northern border bordered the Oregon Territory, but the eastern border was the most difficult to decide. They wondered if California should be the size of Mexico or be broken down to a smaller piece. The delegates decided that California should be broken down unlike it used to be because it would be too large to govern. California decided to be a free state and have a public school system. Then, it was almost ready to officially become a state.

(Sean April 24, 2008)


Two years after James Marshall discovered gold, California became a state in 1850. It became the 31st state. After that, it was later named California, the Golden State.

(Michelle April 17,2008)



The United States took control of California in the 1800's. Ever since California had been ruled by military officials. Californians had no right under the miltary rules. At first, nobody had complained but then all of the people wanted the same rights as others in California as they had in the United States.

(Connor May 20, 2008)

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