Railroad Conflicts

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Railroad companies owned one-eighth of the land in California. Farmers did not like this at all. That's because the railroad companies charged farmers for the land.

One conflict happened at Mussel Slough. The Southern Pacific Railroad charged $2.50 an acre. They also invited settlers to farm. This made settlers think that they own the land. So they began plowing, building irrigation systems, and planting crops. After that, the railroad companies raised the price of the land to $17 - $40 an acre.

This made farmers angry. Some refused to pay higher prices and some refused to leave the land. On May 11, 1880, the railroad companies and the farmers got in a argument. Seven people died and the railroad companies won the land.

Farmers in other parts of the world faced hard times too. Many had to sell land. Some decided to rent land. The farmers faced many hardships.

(Claire May 20, 2008)

Tenant farmers especially faced hard times. They only planted to sell. They didn't take any of the stuff, not even a bushel of wheat, to feed their own families. The had to face the hardships that the railroad company gave. They need to get their crops to other parts of the United States. This high price made it very hard for the tenant farmers to sell their crops. That was a sad thing that the tenant farmers faced.

(Michelle May 24, 2008)

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