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Illustrated by Max on November 25, 2008
Illustrated by Max on November 25, 2008
It's big, it’s monstrous, and it takes up about half of California. It’s the mountain region. The mountain region is the biggest region in California, and it goes from top to bottom of the state. The mountain region is so huge that it looks like it’s squeezing and squishing all the other regions. You may think that the mountain region is just one huge piece of land, but it’s actually made of two mountain ranges.

One of those two mountain ranges is called the Cascade Range. The Cascade Range is a state shared range, because it goes through Oregon and Washington too. Of all the mountains in the Cascade Range, only two are volcanoes. Don’t worry, the volcanoes won’t erupt. Are you okay now? Good! The two volcanoes are called Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen, and if they do erupt the damage will be in the northern part of California. I may have told you about one mountain range, but there’s still the other one which is called the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The Sierra Nevada mountain range lies from north to south in California borders Nevada to the west. Most of the mountains rise higher than 13,000 ft. The geographical features of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are Lake Tahoe, Mt. Whitney, and Yosemite National Park. The mountain ranges are very cool, but what about a national park?

There is a place called Yosemite National Park, home to Ribbon Falls. It’s North America's tallest waterfall. This waterfall drops 1,612 feet. That is one reason Yosemite National Park is so well known. If you look on a map, you’ll see the place where Yosemite National Park is located and that it’s in Yosemite Valley. This is because Yosemite National Park is in Yosemite Valley. One day I hope that you will go.

(Max November 4, 2008)

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