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Mission Santa Ines was founded by Estevan Tapis , on September 17, 1804 and it was the first European settlement in the Santa Ynez Valley. Its main purpose was to convert the Indians to Catholism, and it is a fact that Santa Ines was the nineteenth mission of twenty-one missions. In Mission Santa Ines, Chumash Indians there in the mission impressed people with their kindness, hospitality, and talents. Father Pedro spoke about the Indians, “ I surmise that these Indians who are so ingenious and so industrious, would be an expert if they had suitable tools or implements, for they have nothing more than flints, and with them and their steady industry.”

Father Uria and Obles of Santa Ines reported in the morning that two earthquakes occurred at the interval of a quarter of an hour. Several of fine and demolished houses tumbled down because the cause of the earthquake. Luckily, during the political change on 1818 and 1829, Mission Santa Ines was finally done rebuilding itself. Santa Ines was renovated with fourteen pulchritudinous paintings of the “Way of the Cross” in 1820. A gristmill was made for grinding corn and wheat and reservoirs were being created. La Purisima Chumash visited Santa Ines and most of the hardworking Indians were being whipped and seized.

The growing frustration of the Chumash reached its peak. The revolt of 1824 began.

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