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Mission Santa Cruz was built in 1791. It is at the corner of Emmet Street and High street, one block east of Hwy 1 Mission Street on Mission Plaza, adjacent to Holy Cross Catholic Church in the city of Santa Cruz. The address of my mission is Emmet Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. The founder of Mission Santa Cruz was Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen and, it was the twelfth mission in the mission chain. The mission was given the name Santa Cruz because the word meant Holy Cross. At my mission, Mission Santa Cruz, the Yokut and Ohlone tribe lived there. In 1769, the mission population of the Indians reached a number of five hundred. At the mission the Indians had to plant crops, hunt meat, and tending the animals that lived there. The crops they grew were such as corn and wheat. They also started a lot of vineyards inside their mission. The vineyards produced grapes. First of all, there was a flood in 1792, by the San Lorenzo River flooding. Then in 1799 another severe flood hit Mission Santa Cruz. In 1849, an earthquake occurred and it toppled the bell tower. Later on, in 1857, another earthquake happened, and it destroyed the remains of the Franciscan Mission. But thankfully later on they built a new frame for the mission; it wasn’t really fixed because it was too damaged.

(David February 4, 2010)

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