Mission San Juan Capistrano

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Don’t you love learning about missions? You get to do so many things. Well, now that I learned about a mission, let me share my ideas with you. This mission is called Mission San Juan Capistrano. It was founded on all Saints day in November. The original date was on October 30, 1775. This particular mission was quickly abandoned because of the indigenous population in San Diego.Father Fermin Lasuen founded this mission, like I told you Mission San Juan Capistrano was quickly abandoned but later the next year Father Junipero Serra founded it again. Some people don’t know that this was named for Giovanni de Capistrano.Daily life on the mission was hard.It was hard to get many supplies. Also, there was much damage in the earthquake of 1812. The earthquake killed over 40 Indian neophytes. Mission San Juan Capistrano was actually rebuilt after a not many years by Father John o’ Sullivan.Did you know that this mission did not actually grow anything special? Well, I just figured that out. I also learned that the Acjacheme lived at the missions and is located in orange county, Los Angeles. It’s between Mission San Diego de Alcala and Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. Can you believe this is the oldest building still in use? Well it is. Some people called this mission “Serra’s Church” or “Father Serra’s Church”. I had fun researching and I hope to research another mission.

( cher Febuary 5,2010 )

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