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Mission San Jose was built of adobe and completed in 1809. It was on the east side of San Francisco Bay. The address was 43300, Mission Bulavard in Fremont, California 94539. It was fourteenth of the 21 Spanish Missions in Alta California. Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen founded it.

An Indian tribe called Ohlone lived at the mission. The Indians were assigned different jobs. The women were assigned to dressmaking, knitting, weaving, embroidering, laundering, and cooking. Some stronger girls would grind flour or carry adobe bricks weighing 55 lbs. each to the men engaged in building. The men did a variety of lobs, having learned from the missionaries how to plow, sow, irrigate, cultivate, reap, thresh, and glean.

In 1868, a masstive earthquake destroyed the adobe church and a wooden church was built directly over the old rock foundations and title floor. The adobe church is now reconstructed.

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