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Mission San Gabriel Archangel is named after San Gabriel Valley. This mission was built and founded on September 8, 1771. The mission is located near a river now known as Santa Ana River. It is also located near the city of Montebello. Mission San Gabriel’s exact location is at 427 S Junipero Serra Drive (Mission Road) at San Gabriel. Fourth of the mission chain, its designer is Father Antonio Cruzado, and its founder is Junipero Serra.

Do you know what happens inside Mission San Gabriel? Tongva Indians were workers in the mission. The people who lived in the mission were missionaries, padres, and Indians. Everyday, the padres got ready for mass. Indians work in the garden making olive oil. They also used cowhides to make tallow for candles. Of course, every morning, when the bell rang, Indians went to church. Gabrielino (also known as Tongva) weaved sheep’s wool for clothing. Also, the mission workers branded the cattle every year. Workers tanned cowhides too. Women Indians cooked food regularly. Winery, grapes, and other crops were grown in the garden. Wow! Daily life was interesting back then!

Music was important in the olden days. Indians sang songs for the luck of something. Children of that native tribe learned the songs from their tribe. Happy Indians sang in the rhythm of stone pestles. When singing, Indians do special dances acting out what they wanted to say. Then, when padres came, their chanting fascinated Indians. Mission life came, and Indians learned the padres’ music quickly. That was because the Tongva Indians love music. Music of Indians and padres were blended, and on El Camino Real, pleasant sounds were everywhere.

Many problems happened at the mission. In 1812, an earthquake destroyed the roof. Then, after it was repaired, another earthquake struck. It destroyed the roof again. One earthquake, the stone statues inside the mission fell! They couldn’t stand it anymore. They moved the mission to where it is located today. After that, everything was peaceful at the mission.

(Alicia February 3, 2010)

Mission San Gabriel was built in 1771. It was the fourth mission in the chain. The founder of the mission is Junipero Serra. It’s got its name from San Gabriel Arcángel. The mission was founded on September 8, 1771. The address to Mission San Gabriel is 428 South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA 91776-1299.

The tribe that lives in mission San Gabriel is the Tongva or Gabrielino. In the San Gabriel Mission, they had some problems with the Indians. It happened when Fathers Cambon and Somera arrived. The Indians attacked with bow and arrows.

Mission San Gabriel had a disaster. It was the Whittier Earthquake that hit San Gabriel Mission. They closed the San Gabriel Church because of the Whittier Earthquake.

(Brandon Febuary 3, 2010)

Mission San Gabriel Archangel was nicknamed the Pride of the Missions because of the Gabrielino natives. It was built on September 8, 1771. The mission changed locations a lot. The first location of the mission was in Montebello, California. Next, it moved near the Santa Ana. Then, it finally moved alongside of Rio Hondo because the priests thought it was an alternative way. The address is 427. S. Junipero Serra Drive, San Gabriel, California, 91776. It was the fourth mission found.

The Tongva Gabrielinos lived in the mission with the Franciscans. In order to survive, they would have to farm. The daily life for them was difficult because they had to work without pay. They were both good friends.

There were some major problems in the mission. First, there was a destructive earthquake in 1812. It damaged much of the mission. The altar in the church was destroyed with the Crucifix. Statues fell and broke into pieces. The food was scarce at that year and the climate was hot. After 1812, 1813 came and the padres decided to make repairs and adjustments. There were no problems with the Natives, but some died. Unfortunately, this took a long time.

(Keanu February 4, 2010)

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