Mission San Diego de Alcala

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Mission Report

By Chaitali

Mission San Diego was found in July 16, in the year of 1769, and it was the first mission founded. Father Junipero Serra is a missionary who founded Mission San Diego. It is located in Mission Valley, 6 miles northeast of San Diego. Also the cool thing about this mission is, it is named after a man named Diacus, or Diego.

In this mission San Diego, people lived there such as missionaries, Indians, Franciscan priests and many more. Their daily life was - similar to our life except most of the work was done by the Indians. Mostly the missionaries and the Franciscan priests taught the Indians their religion “Christianity” and their custom as well. Mainly the food they ate at the church was more like the Mexican food, like tortillas, bread, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fresh fruit. This food was made by the padres.

Mission San Diego had no damages; oh, but it huge problems! You know that the Indians did not like being treated like this, so they revolted! Many other Indians revolted for other missions, but this damage made big problems. While the Indians were burning one of these easy tinder dried building, Padre Luis Jayme died while the others ran away. After the revolution Padre Serra came back to reconstruct the mission. Now it’s fine! Mission San Diego still stands today as a memorable place.

Chaitali B. Feb. 5,2010

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