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Junipero Serra was an amazing missionary. He founded exactly nine missions. When he was a child, he atteneded school. At school, he heard a lot about the New World from his teachers. When he grew up, he had a dream to found missions and become a missionary in Alta California. So he worked hard for this. Later on, he got accepted as a missionary. He really wanted to go to Alta California to found missions. But he did not want to go by himself. One day, he heard good news! Father Francisco Palou got accepted too! When they got to Mexico, they had to walk the difficult journey to Mexico City. From there, he traveled to the Sierra Gorda Mountains. Later,he went to San Diego to found a mission. On the way, his legs got injured. Unexpectedly, he still wanted to go to Monterey Bay to found another mission. After that, he founded nine missions in all. He had also learned the indian language. It was a sad day when he died.

(Alicia February 19, 2010)

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