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A humanoid is a robot that is like a human. It imitates people's actions. For example, people wave their hand saying hello. It does the exact same thing. The robot's features are also like a human. Every 5 seconds, its eyes blink. It is programmed to do that. Some humanoids can do gymnastics. Their creaters say that the first thing about a robot is balance and gravity. It is amazing how robots interact. Humanoids and other robots are cool too! I hope to learn more about fantastic robots my whole life!

(Alicia February 4, 2010)

Humanoid robots used in many countries. Scientists built humanoid robots to study about the human structure. The robots they built are very similar to humans. They looked like a real person and acts like a real person. for example, a humanoid robot could play hockey with another companion and juggle balls as fast as real jugglers. They could even carry things and type on computers! These unique robots are used as a research tool in airports, hospitals, and other places. People put motors called actuators inside the robots' bodies to make them move or speak. These robots had helped in many situations and people had got fond of humanoid robots!

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