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This is a food chain.
This is a food chain.
Food chains are a type of cycle that shows how animals eat other plants and animals. An example is when a caterpillar is eaten by a wasp, a wasp is eaten by a mantis, and a mantis is eaten by a tarantula. Every chain starts with the sun which gives energy to plants, and then goes to plants.

Do you want to see what happens when you take the tarantula out of the food chain? Well, see and find out. Banga banga boom! Okay, if you take the tarantula out of the chain, there will be more caterpillars, and then the caterpillers will eat plants. There will be more food for the mantis. The wasps will fly somewhere else where there are more caterpillars to eat. But after that, there is no more food for the caterpillars. The mantis will be scarce, and there will be no more insects (in the worst case) to see as the sun fades. So let's hope the food chains are never broken.

(Nathan April 4, 2008)

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