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People who started businesses were clever. They thought that they could earn gold. The miners needed food, so the entrepreneurs traded dried peaches, pickles, and onions for the miners’ gold. Gamblers and card ships came too. The miners liked to gamble, so most of the gold went in to the gamblers' pockets. Express mail later came, and the letters for the lonely people came. Men rode on pony from the San Francisco post office, collected mail, and then brought it back. A lady sold meat and fruit. Later, Mr. Wright built San Francisco, and a lady opened a laundry business.

(Michelle April 17, 2008)

Entrepreneurs were people who make a new business. These people became very wealthy. One ex-miner started a mail express for miners who missed friends and families. A woman found a broken washboard and made $900 doing people’s laundry. Another lady made $18,000 selling pies. Mr. Wright, a carpenter, made $70,000. Levi Strauss developed a new way for blue jeans to stay tough and strong.

(Rachel April 17, 2008)

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