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The Desert Region Indians lived in the Santa Rosa Mountains. Others lived in the valleys of the San Jacinto and the Mojave Desert. The names of the tribes were the Mojave, Serrano, and Cahuilla. These Indians were also spread across Nevada and Arizona. Desert Regions Indians lived in many different places.

There were very little natural resources in the desert region because it was very hot, but these Natives used rivers and streams. Rivers were used to grow food so farms were often close to water. The Mojave built their homes near next to the Colorado River. Cacti, yucca plants, and desert springs had water, too. If there were no resources in the Desert Region, Indians would not have enough things to use.

Food was scarce and hard to find but farms provided food. Pumpkins, melons, corn, and beans were vegetables that they ate. These Natives also ate screwbeans, mesquite seeds, and pinon nuts. There were very little food choices for these Natives.

Dome shaped brush homes were the houses Desert Indians made. Other homes were rectangular shaped. These homes were built in canyons and next to springs. Shelter was important for these Indians.

(Charles November 18, 2008)

The Desert Region is very important. Buildings in the Desert Region reflects the region’s Spanish and Mexican heritage. Some people created a dry desert land and made it into a golf course. Throughout the Desert Region, water is scarce, or it’s limited, and summers are hot and very dry. This region has minerals like the Mountain Region. One area in the region is 282 feet below sea level. The Salton Sea is a large, salty lake that lies in the Desert Region. This dry and hot region stretches across the southern California. This great region is one of our four natural regions.

(Tiffany February 4, 2010

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