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What is Core Plus?

Yeh Shen, a Cinderella Story

Language Arts we have a group called Core Plus. In Core Plus, we read a book called “Yeh-Shen” which is a Chinese version of “Cinderella.” Yeh-Shen had been treated horribly by her step-mother and step-sister. Yeh-Shen had a friend that was a fish. The fish was spiritual, and when Yeh-Shen wanted something really badly, the bones would give it to her. Yeh-Shen’s step-mother was jealous of her beauty and told her she could not go to the festival. She wanted her daughter to go the festival and find a husband. But Yeh-Shen’s Fish bones gave her a beautiful dress and she was off to the festival. When she was there, many people danced with her. But her but her step-sister spotted her and Yeh-Shen ran away back to the hut. On the way, she lost one tiny golden shoe. When she went back to the fish bones, it wouldn’t talk to her. She cried and cried because she lost her only best friend. When the king found the shoe, he asked every woman to try it on, but it was too small. When Yeh-Shen came and tried it on, it fit perfectly, and he followed her home. There she married him and lived happily ever after. Her step-sister and step-mother were not allowed in to the palace and one day a rock slide killed them.

[By Elsie March 10,2011]

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