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Illustrated By Charles on June 5,2009
Illustrated By Charles on June 5,2009
Have you ever seen a electricity flow in a line? I bet you didn't because electricity needs to have a circular path for it to move. This certain "path" is called a circuit. There can't be a crack in a circuit though, or else it will be an open circuit. It must be a closed circuit. There are circuits everywhere. Light bulbs use circuits, computers use circuits, and printers use circuits too!

There are two kinds of circuits. One is a series circuit. It is basically a loop with strings of lights on it. There are disadvantages though, for if one bulb burns out, the other bulbs burn out too since it is a closed circuit. That's why we don't use series circuits now.

The other kind of circuit is a parallel circuit. It has many loops so if one bulb burns out, the others still stay on for the circuit is still closed. The bad thing is that it is a bit more complicated and it uses more wire, but we use these circuits today because of its convenience.

(Charles April 2, 2009)

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