Chronic Disease and the Heart

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The difference between an acute disease and a chronic disease is that acute diseases last only a short time while chronic diseases can last a long time or keep coming back. Some common kinds of chronic diseases are diabetes, cancer, and asthma. One type of a chronic disease is called inherited disease, which means that some diseases you get are caused by traits you get from your parents. One type of inherited disease is cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a disease in which thick mucus clogs the lungs. People who have this kind of a disease may have hard time breathing. Sickle-cell anemia is another type of inherited diseases. During this kind of a disease, the blood cells change shape. These cells don’t move through the blood vessels easily. This kind of a disease can cause pain and harm organs. Some kind of diseases can develop during a person’s life. Pathogens are one cause for some of theses diseases. Bacteria can cause Lyme disease can cause problems with the heart, joints and even the nerve system. These problems can last throughout a person’s life. Substances around you may cause diseases. Chemicals in the air or water increase the chances of getting certain kinds of cancer. You can reduce the chances of catching some chronic diseases by practicing healthful habits.

(Gabriela January 17, 2012)

A disease of the heart or the heart’s blood vessels is called a heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Almost 950,000 humans die from heart disease every year. The most common type of heart disease that people die from is called coronary heart disease. Arteries from your body that bring blood to the heart become narrow because the fat and cholesterol clogs up in your arteries. Your heart is a muscle that also needs oxygen. The blood in your body brings the oxygen to your heart. Chest pain will result in the lack of oxygen to the heart. That is called angina pectoris. It usually happens when you are exercising or stressed. When fat and cholesterol clog your artery, your blood may not be able to flow. This will most likely cause a heart attack. Another type of heart disease is called congenital heart disease. It is usually caused by heart problems that are present at birth. Congenital heart disease changes the way your blood flows. For example, a congenital heart disease is when your blood can not flow to your lungs. The defects can then be operated with surgery. Rheumatic heart disease is another type of heart disease that is cause by strep throat that wasn’t treated. The heart valves in your body are permanently damaged by a disease process. This disease affects much damage around many areas of your heart.

(Ashley January 17, 2012)

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