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A very deadly, dangerous disease on the Oregon Trail was cholera. It was caused by contaminated or polluted water. When emigrants camped at a place, they threw their waste on the ground and used the bathroom in the water. That meant someone drinking the same water would get infected. Cholera happened fast so beware! For example, you could wake up fine in the morning, but you could have a fever, vomit, or even have convulsions in the middle of the day. Then you could be dead at night, so watch out! At least 50 people were buried on the east bank of the Red Vermillion River crossing. Guess what they died from? You got it. Cholera! The California Trail was filled with diseases but none are as deadly as cholera. Just to tell you again... BEWARE of this common disease.

(Charles on March 31, 2009) (Edited by Edward on April 2, 2009)

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