Central Valley and Mountain Natives

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Illustration by Kris
Illustration by Kris
Most Indians lived in the Central Valley and Mountain Region. The Maidu, Achumawi, Yokuts, Nisenan, and Miwok were the names of the tribes there. They lived in the Sierra Nevada, Sacramento River, and San Joaquin Valleys. The resources they used were oak trees to build shelter and acorns for food. Indian used their resources a lot to live.

There was ample food for the Indians. Plants, berries, seeds, and nuts were some kinds of food that Indians ate. Also, acorns were an important food source. They stored extra acorns in a barrel shaped place called a granary. Food was always plentiful in the Central Valley and Mountain region.

The Maidu made their shelters by building cone shaped houses and laying it with bark. For the frame, men used willow branches, which could bend easily, and woman knitted mats to cover the houses. Cone shaped homes were common in the Central Valley and Mountain Region.

People made arrow points, bows, and fishing nets. To help gather food, there was a tool called a seed beater. They would hit the seed producing plant and then the food wood drop in a basket. Indians made equipment to help them survive.

(Charles November 18, 2008)

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