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The most important thing about the Central Valley region is that it has great soil. It is also known for its great farming area. There is a Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento River. Between the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Regions is the Central Valley and it is called the low lands. The two long rivers are the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River. They have a lot of the others smaller rivers or tributaries. The two long rivers meet and form a delta. A delta is a body of land that’s built up from soil that has been carried from the rivers. The farming is good there because they have good soil. The soil has flowed from the Sierra Nevada to the Central Valley. Soil that is fertile is good for the farmers and the crops.

Did you know that Sacramento was located in the Central Valley? It is near where the Sacramento River and the American River both meet. In the late 1850s they started to ship goods down river to Sacramento, and it was the perfect place to ship the goods to San Francisco. When the gold rush was occurring, they would send the mining supplies up river where the Sierra Nevada is.

(Allison November 6, 2008)

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