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This is a boom town.
This is a boom town.
When James Marshall found gold in the year of 1848, California became popular. The land of California became crowded. More than 100, 000 people came to the gold fields in the year of 1850. As more people came, the less gold that there would be for the multiplying people that came to California. Pretty soon, people got discouraged.

At first, California was a nice, peaceful, and full of wildlife, but now it was crammed and crowded in California.

(Michelle April 17,2008)

The population of people went from 800 to 35000 people. The prices went up. Abandoned ships were used as stores. A total of 81 million pounds of gold was taken. Ship parts make city churches, a jail, and other buildings. Ships entered and left, by the thousand, San Francisco.

(Rachel April 17, 2008)

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