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These are bacteria. Illustrated by Ellen.
These are bacteria. Illustrated by Ellen.
Bacteria is a type of decomposer. It is a one-celled living thing. Decomposers break down waste and uses its energy. In a dead saguaro cactus a worm will drill holes in the cactus. On the worm is bacteria. The bacteria carried by the worm helps break the cactus down and uses its energy. Don't try to see bacteria though. It is too small to see. Bacteria is important in our ecosystems.

There are many types of helpful microorganisms. They are found in the weirdest places like your intestines. They help you digest food and keep harmful bacteria out. You can get these helpful bacteria by eating yogurt, cultured buttermilk, and cheese. Have you ever seen a rotten lemon? That is a mold called penicillium. It is an antibiotic. Other types can be made into cheese. See how bacteria can help in many ways? Well, better appreciate it!

(Michelle April 24, 2008)

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