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Writing for January

Personal Narrative District Writing Assessment is Thursday, Jan. 28

Go to this powerpoint for more information on writing a good personal narrative: Image:Writing Workshop.ppt

At the end of January 4th graders will take the 2nd district writing assessment. This will be a personal narrative. This month we will study personal narratives in greater depth and practice writing them. One of the personal narrative that we write will be on My Access, an online writing program for 4th and 5th graders here in Arcadia. There will be a lot of modeling and brainstorming together.

The actual writing assessment will need to be completed by students without any prompting or help from their teachers. We will not know the writing prompt until the day we take the test which will be January 28th (a Thursday).

Writing Projects in December

  1. Winter Poetry
  2. Stuffed Animal Stories
  3. Memories of past winter holidays - snapshots of your memories

Writing Projects in November

  1. Oreo Cookie Experience
  2. Fall Poetry
  3. AAWWWUBBIS writing - The World's Best _____________________
  4. When I Was Little writing

Online My Access Writing Program begins Friday, Sept. 25 for the Rozelle Gazelles

Friday, Sept. 25, our class will learn about My Access, the online writing program for 4th and 5th graders in Arcadia.

I will introduce students to a narrative writing prompt in which they will begin at school. Students are welcomed to log on and work on their writing at home if a computer is available to them. They will have enough time at school to complete the assignment, however some students like to work on their writing at home.

I will give students a special username and password. Students need to get online and go to

  1. http://www.myaccess.com
  2. Then type in username and password.
  3. Go to Assignments
  4. Begin writing or revising

First district writing assessment on personal narratives

Given to all 4th graders, week of Sept. 28th.

Our 4th graders at Camino Grove will take this on-demand assessment on Wed., Sept. 30.

On demand means that students are given a writing prompt in which they then brainstorm and write without any assistance from the teacher. This test method mimics the state writing test in March 2010 and is good practice. This first writing assessment will serve as a baseline score for each 4th grader.

This month we are preparing students for this assessment. We've been going over the writing process and practicing writing good beginning, middle, and ends.

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