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Onward to Chapter 7 - Transportation and Communication in 1800 CA

Project overview: Image:Communication and Transportation.doc

Two pages of weblinks to visit and do the research for this project:

  1. Image:California Railroad Museum.doc
  2. Image:Websites.doc

Take notes for the Mochila project on this form: Image:Notes mochila.doc

We are working in Chapter 6 on Westward Movement

Westward Expansion

Americans head west!!!

Chapter 6 Study Guide Click here: Image:Ch 6 Study Guide.doc

Mining Methods

Excellent overall source for traveling west and getting the gold!

Going for the Gold / some great method explanations:

easy to read site:

Excellent definitions:

Hydraulics - excellent explanationa:

New Websites as of March 19

Websites to explore and read to find the treasures, hardships, living arrangements, costs, advantages, disadvantages in the many routes to California

good map of trail for the Donner Party and good journal entries

excellent for hardships of the trails

good for researching routes

Here are some websites to browse: trinmich/journey.html

Background on California’s gold:

Donner Party:

Students were given a pretest that will not be graded but was used to see what they already know. This will also serve as one of two study guides for the Chapter 5 test.

The other study guide for chapter 5 is at the following link:

Image:Study GuideCh5.doc

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