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A simple activity to do to expose students to words they can use instead of said.

  • Read Hallo-weiner by Dav Pilky
  • Tell students that you enjoy this book because the author uses so many different words to accompany his dialogue, including said and many other great words.
  • Reread the story to the students, without showing the pictures, and have them keep a list of all of the words the author uses with the dialogue.
  • Post a copy of this list on a classroom poster, in their writer's notebook or somewhere else where they can refer back to it.
  • Have students look through other books to see what other words they can find that authors used instead of said.
  • Challenge students to revise a piece of writing and replace the word said with more descriptive words.
  • This lesson also works well with the book Mike Fink by Steven Kellogg. Since that book is longer though, I would only read through it once. Keeping students on the lookout for good words the first time through.

Originally contributed by Carolyn Grumm

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