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This lesson was first use with 5th graders.

  • Pass out the handout with the words to Just Another Ordinary Day
  • Read through the story with the class. Ask them if they liked the story, or if they thought it was kind of boring (hopefully some students will be truthful enough to say it was a bit dull)
  • Tell them it is a lot more interesting when you read it with the pictures and then read them the book, by Rod Clement, showing the illustrations.
  • Look at the first sentence with the class and show them how the sentence has a base sentence in the middle and there is an introductory phrase and a concluding phrase, both set off by commas. Have them highlight the base sentence.
  • Make a tree map that has one branch for introdutory phrases and one for concluding phrases.
  • Read through the story until you get to the next sentence with a comma. She also drove the oldest car in the world, so they were never on time. Highlight the base sentence (there's 2! This is acutally a compund sentence) So move on, we're looking for sentences with introductory and concluding phrases.
  • The next sentence with a comma is Later Amanda and her friends talked to Sue, the new girl, who told them sotries about her home in a land far away These commas are being used to surround an interrupter, so move on
  • In the afternoon, Amanda's class went to the school library. has an introductory phrase. Highlight the base sentence ( Amanda's class went to the school library) and add this sentence to the tree map.
  • Continue through the story, analyzing sentences with commas and discussing why the commas are being used. Any sentence that uses a comma because of an introductory phrase or a concluding phrase should be put on the tree map.
  • Have students open up any book of their choice and search for more sentences to add to their tree maps.
  • For a quick practice challenge students to write a short paragraph about their day. Ask them to use one simple sentence, one sentence with an introductory phrase, one sentence with a concluding phrase, and one sentences with both.
  • During their next writing period challenge students to use sentences with introductory and/or coluding phrases.

Originally posted by Carolyn Grumm

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