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Vary Sentence Length: using Something to Tell the Grandcows

A lesson on varying sentence length using Something to Tell the Grandcows

• Read the story.

• Pick out the longest and shortest sentences: Pair students and give each pair a photocopied page from the story. Have students write the longest and the shortest sentence from their page on two separate sentence strips. See who’s got the longest and who has the shortest sentences.

• Discuss complete sentences: Ask the class if all of the short “sentences” are complete sentences (“Right.” from the third page is not.) Decide as a class what makes a complete sentence. (subject and predicate) Have students underline the simple subject of their sentence in red and the simple predicate in blue.

• Post the sentence strips: Create a simple tree map on the board or bulletin board with a section for long sentences and a section for short sentences. Discuss the importance of varying sentence length in a piece of writing.

Originally contributed by Carolyn Grumm

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