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This lesson was first used with 4th graders.

  • Introduce the book Mailing May Tell the class it is based on a true story that took place in 1913. Talk about life in 1913. (There are no televisions or computers, cars are just beginning to be mass produced, cameras are block and white, movies were in black and white and didn't have sound)
  • Read the story to the class
  • Make 2 or 3 copies of each page of the story, enough so that every student can have a page. On the other side of the page copy the first page of the story, so that the whole class may examine this page together.
  • Look at the first page of the story together and talk about what words the author used that show that this story takes place in 1913 (Ma, Pa, stay a spell) Record these words on a circle map labeled "1913 words"
  • Then have students turn their paper over and record, on their circle map, the words on their other page that remind them of 1913. Have students rotate pages a couple of times so that every student has a chance to read 4 or 5 pages from the book.
  • Share out as a class all of the words that they discovered
  • Discuss the importance of using words that match your time period and subject when you are writing.
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