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  • Introduce this book as a simple story about an owl who is going out hunting, but the story is made fun by the pictures that show animals that have camouflage and an author who uses great Word Choice.
  • Read Twilight Hunt to the class
  • Tell the class that you would like to focus on all of the great transition words that the author used. Have students create a simple circle map with "Transitions" in the middle. If possible display the words of the story as you reread it under a document camera, otherwise you can just reread the story. As you read have students record the transition words the author uses. (At that moment, Before, In an instant, Meanwhile, Only a second later, All of a sudden, In the very next moment, Finally, Then)
  • Tell students you are going to ask them to write their own hunting scene in which they will use powerful transition words. To generate ideas have students watch the 2:46 video clip on United Streaming called Hunting In The Open Ocean As they watch quietly construct a flow map off to the side with the events Birds fly above, Sailfish hunt, Sailfish surround baitfish, Bait fish go near surface, Birds eat baitfish.
  • When the clip is finished point out your outline of the key events but remind students that in order to make their writing interesting they will want to use some good description. Rewatch the clip and encourage students to think of descriptive phrases they can use. They may jot ideas down in a circle map as they watch.
  • Assign students the task of writing a good paragraph about the video clip. They must use 3 or 4 good transition words. Encourage them to use good description also.
  • When students finish writing have them highlight their transition words.
  • After collecting a reviewing their papers share some of the best pieces of writing with the class, pointing out good uses of transition words and description.
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