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This lesson was originally designed to use with 4th graders after the Introduction to Prefixes Suffixes Root Words

  • Read the book Tyger! Tyger! by Elizabeth Stanley.
  • Pass out the text of the story.
  • As the students follow along reread the story in chunks. Stop and have students point out words that have prefixes and suffixes. Also, stop to discuss unfamiliar words such as monastery, finality and carnage. In your explanation, model for students how you can use knowledge of roots and suffixes to learn the meaning of words. See the teacher guide for some ideas.
  • Have students create a tree map titled Word Parts. Put 4 branches on the map labeled ity, ly, em, im.
  • Let students work individually, or with a partner, to read through the story and log on their tree map all of the words that they find with these prefixes and suffixes.
  • When they are finished share answers and discuss the meaning of these prefixes and suffixes (ity shows a state or quality, ly shows what it is like, em means to make or get, im means not)
  • Pass out the quiz. Give students time to complete the 9 multiple choice questions, and then review and discuss the answers as a class.
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