Possessive Apostrophes

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  • Read Elephant's Story by Harriet Blackford and Manja Stojic to the class
  • When you are finished reading write Elephats Story and Elephant's Story up on the board. Talk about the difference in meaning (plural vs possessive) and bring attention to the possessive apostrophe.
  • Pass out the worksheet to students. Work through the first page together, discussing the use of possessives as you go.
  • On the second page model writing a sentence that uses a possessive for the first picture. (Elephant's trunk is wrapped tightly around her mother's tail) Have students copy your sentence. Discuss the second picture and some options for sentences together as a class. Then give students time to write a sentence for each of the remaining pictures.
  • Possible follow up activities:

Look for possessives in the books that they are reading, they can record what they find on a classrooms blog or a circle map.

Challenge students to write a short story about another animal (Skunk's Story or Tiger's Story). Require that they use at least 5 possessives in their story.

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