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This lesson was originally designed to use with 3rd graders to teach the proper use of me.

  • Show the class the books ‘’Just Me and My Dad’’ and ‘’Just Grandpa and Me.’’ Tell them that one of the books has a grammar error in its title and the other doesn’t.
  • Take some time to discuss what the differences are (one says me first, the other says the other person first). And then ask student which one they think is right.
  • Just Grandpa and Me is the grammatically correct one. Discuss what the rule is that makes it correct (you always mention the other person first, then yourself)
  • Read ‘’Just Grandpa and Me’’ and have the kids clap whenever they here the correct noun/pronoun order.
  • Then read “Just Me and My Dad’’ and have kids boo whenever they here the incorrect noun/pronoun order.
  • Give the student the worksheet and help them follow the directions to recognize and create grammatically correct sentences.
  • A follow up assignment would be to have students write about a time when they went somewhere special with a family member. Ask them to use noun/pronoun combinations at least 3 times in their stories.
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