Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

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This lesson was originally designed to be used with 4th graders to give them practice with subject verb agreement.

  • Read Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson
  • Tell students that they're going to use sentences from the book to discover an important rule about how subjects and verbs work together.
  • Work together to look at the sentences at the top of the worksheet, and highlight all of the subjects. Then go through each sentence and underline the verbs.
  • Ask students to silently spend a couple of minutes looking at what they've highlighted, and see if they can discover a rule about how subjects and verbs agree. Give them a hint, that an important part of the rule is whether the subject is singular or plural.
  • Have students share their ideas in small groups. Then have a class discussion.
  • Guide students to discover the rule that singular subjects need to go with verbs that end in s, while plural subjects need to go with verbs that do not have an s. Have all of the students write this rule on their worksheet.
  • The sentences at the bottom of the worksheet are for independent practice. Model how to do the section by completing the first lines together. For every set of underlined words, students need to underline the correct choice of verbs.
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