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This lesson was originally used with 4th graders to introduce them to prepositions.

  • Read Around the House the Fox Chased the Mouse by Rick Walton
  • After reading, point out to the students that the subtitle of the book says A Prepositional Tale and ask them if they know what a preposition is
  • Have the students make a simple circle map and put the word prepositions in the middle. Reread the story and have students write down all of the prepositions that they hear in their circle map.
  • Take out your Writer's Express books and use the index to find the page on prepositions. Read the official definition and see all of the other prepositions it lists.
  • Have students add 5 more prepositions to their circle map from the Writer's Express book.
  • Write character, setting, plot on the board. Ask the students to help you make breif notes about each one (i.e. Fox and Mouse, farm, playing tag)
  • Tell them that they will be writing their own prepositional tale. They may not use the same character, or the same setting. They should use the same plot and they should also use 7 prepositions in their story and mimic the structure of the original story. (i.e. Around the seaweed the shark chased the fish, through the coral, over the volcano, under the boat, and between the plankton, until . . . . "Tag! You're it!" Then beside the whale the fish chased the shark. . . .)
  • Have student go through their story and highlight their prepositions.
  • Give students time to share their stories with each other.

originally submitted by Carolyn Grumm

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