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This lesson with originally designed to be used to introduce 4th graders to writing in the future unreal conditional tense.

  • Start a discussion about how much fun it can be to imagine the impossible, or the improbable. If I found a million dollars on the way home, if I could fly etc.
  • Read If I Were A Penguin by Wendell and Florence Minor to the class. (it is a quick read)
  • Write this sentence on the board: If you were a penguin you could fly underwater.
  • Point out that if you are imagining something impossible you say If, and then later use could.
  • It is more fun to imagine about yourself though, so change the sentence to read: If I were a penguin I could fly underwater. (Note to the teacher: it is becoming more and more common for people to say If I was a penguin and that is ok, but technically, if you're talking about something impossible you say If I were a penguin.)
  • Tell the class you'd like to imagine being a different animal, and change the sentence to read: If I were an elephant I could spray people with my trunk.
  • Let the class suggest some of their own things that they'd like to do if they were an elephant. Have them tell you in a complete sentence (If I were an elephant I could ________)
  • Change the sentence once again to read: If I were an elephant I should be careful of poachers.
  • Point out that imaginary sentences can use could, should or even would or might. List the words could, should, would and might on the board. Let students practice using sentences with each one.
  • For some independent practice give students a lined piece of paper and have them write a title: If I Were A ________________. I tell my students they can't use penguin or elephants, but they should choose an animal that they know about.
  • Guide students through writing a sentence in the format: If I were a ________ I could _______.
  • Challenge students to write a total of 8 sentences, writting two using could, should, would and might.
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