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Below are links to all of the lessons, seperated out by grade level reccomendations.



Capitalization* using Giraffes Can't Dance

Fancy Words* using Fancy Nancy Bonjour,Butterfly

Quotation Marks* using The Wheels on the School Bus

Me and My* for 3rd grade using Mercer Mayer books

Early Introduction to Prepositions for 3rd graders using We're Going on a Bear Hunt




Paragraphing with dialogue* using And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

Paragraphing* using The Giant Rat of Sumatra

Writing with Foreshadowing* using Class Two at the Zoo

Organizing a Biography* using Listen to the Wind

Sentence Fluency

Using Lists* with Mirette on the High Wire

Sentence Smack Down

Complete and Incomplete Sentences* using The Worst Best Friend

Complex Sentences* using non-fiction

Vary Sentence Length* using Something to Tell the Grandcows


Word Choice

Writing with sounds* using Bedhead

Words other than said* using Hallo-weiner

Using words of the time period* using Mailing May


Introduction to Prepositions* for 4th graders using Around the House the Fox Chased the Mouse

Staying on one tense

Introducing Superlatives using Pig Pigger Piggest

Appositives* (interrupters) for 4th and 5th grade using Princess Knight and Owl Moon

Commas With introductory phrases* using When I Was Little

AAAWWUBBIS or subordinating conjunctions

Fan Boys of compund sentences

An Introduction to Quotation Marks in Direct Quotations* using Everywhere the Cow Says Moo

Discovering "other uses" for Quotation Marks* using Do Unto Otters

Possessive Apostrophes using Elephant's Story

Making Subjects and Verbs Agree using Bear Feels Sick

If I were _____ I would ______ introducing 4th graders to the future unreal conditional tense using If I Were A Penguin

Word Play

Introduction to Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words* using Knight

Prefixes Suffixes Root Words* using Tyger! Tyger!


Pout-Pout Poetry* for 4th graders using The Pout-Pout Fish



Character Development* using Lion's Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating it Too

Point & Counterpoint* using Hey, Little Any


Topic Sentences in Business Letters* using With Love, Little Red Hen

Chapter Two and a Half* using Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken

Sentence Fluency

Run-on Sentences a PowerPoint about identifying dependent and independent clauses

Using Transition Words* using Twilight Hunt

Keep Varying Sentence Length* using Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse


Word Choice


Prepositional Phrases A PowerPoint

Introducing Double Negatives A PowerPoint

Past and present* using What Could Be Better Than This

Staying on one tense

Basic Discovery of subject verb agreement

If I were ___I would ___Part II using the future unreal conditional tense using Tiger

Appositives* (interrupters) for 4th and 5th grade using Princess Knight and Owl Moon

Commas With Introductory and Concluding Phrases* using Just Another Ordinary Day

Commas In Multiple Types of Complex Sentences* using I Wanna Iguana

Exploring Their Importance* , commas that is, using Eats Shoots and Leaves

Introducing Colons* using Do Unto Otters

Introduction to Business Letters* using Thea's Tree

Word Play



Setting up a Writer's notebook a PowerPoint

Any lesson with an * following the title of the lesson denotes that the lesson, all associated worksheets, and the book are included in the Mechanically Inclined Grab Bag at Baldwin Stocker and are available for Baldwin Stocker teachers to use.

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