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This lesson was originally designed to use with 3rd graders

  • Read Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly to the class.
  • Talk about Nancy's love of fancy words and draw the beginning of a bridge map on the board with the Relating Factor is a fancy word for written off to the side.
  • Have students work in partners or table groups to hunt for fancy words in the story. For this you will need photocopies of the pages that use fancy words. If the pages were numbered, starting with page 1 being the first page that has words on it, these pages would be 1,6,8,10,17,26. Make enough copies so that each group can have one or two pages from the book. Have the groups circle the fancy words on their page(s). Then, share out as a class all of the words they have found, adding them to the bridge map. (The words are: exquisite, azure, iridescent, exceptional, extraordinary, scowl, sulk, storm, elegant, gorgeous) Your bridge map will look something like this when you are done.
  • Talk with the class about how fancy words make for good writing, and a good Word Choice score.
  • Ideas for application:
  • Edit a piece of existing writing. Have students find words that they can replace with fancier words in their own writing. Not only should they change the words on their paper, but they can also keep their own bridge map to track the words they've changed.
  • Write an original piece. Have students write about a time they went to a birthday party, to see their grandparents, or to a zoo. As they write they should circle the fancy words that they are using.
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