Early Introduction to Prepositions

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This lesson was originally used with 3rd graders to give them an early introduction to prepositions.

  • Read We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (available in the Baldwin Stocker library)
  • After reading, tell students they are going to have a chance to write their own verse for the bear hunt
  • Let students know that for their verse you'd like them to change the noun forest. Circle the word forest on the bear hunt page and quickly brainstorm some other locations a bear hunt could take them (log, iceberg, cliff)
  • Next challenge them to change the adjectives to match their location. Circle the adjectives big and dark.
  • Also challenge them to change the sounds to match their location. Circle these.
  • Next, challenge them to change the prepositions. Start by talking to the students what a preposition is. This might be a good time to take out a favorite stuffed animal and demonstrate that a preposition is anything the stuffed animal can do to the desk, be in it, on it, next to it, over it, run around it . . . Then have students help you find the 3 prepositions on the bear page.
  • Draw a quick circle map off to the side of the bead hunt page with the word prepositions in the middle. Quickly word together to brainstorm some prepositions to keep up for a reference.
  • Have students work on a lined piece of paper and do a shared writing, creating your own version of the verse, modeling how to make the appropriate replacements.
  • Then challenge students to turn their paper over and write their own verse.
  • For a fun class project and extension students could type up and illustrate their own verse and the results could be put together in a classroom book, highlighting their knowledge of prepositions.
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