Discovering "other uses" for Quotation Marks

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  • Read Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller
  • If possible display the pages of the book under a document camera and point out all of the fun spacing and punctuation the book uses
  • Draw attention to some of the quotations marks. It is fun to see them used for something other than direct quotes!
  • Quickly point out all of the pages that use quotations marks (if the pages were numbered they would be pages (8,9,10,11,12,13,19,24,27,29)
  • Pass out the worksheet to the students. Challenge them to analyze why the quotations marks are being used.
  • Have students discuss their ideas with partners and then share out as a class. List the students' ideas on the board.
  • Have students use the index to find the page about quotations marks in the Writers Express book. (pg 350)
  • Read the "official" list of reasons to use quotations marks and adjust the list you have on the board if needed.
  • Challenge the students to look through their own books, including text books, to find quotations marks that are being used to point out special words or titles. They can record their finds on the bottom fo their worksheet.
  • As an extension, you could set up a class blog where students can post examples of quotations marks used for special words of titles that they find in books over the next couple of weeks. Encourage them to learn from the world around them!

originally submitted by Carolyn Grumm

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