Complete and Incomplete Sentences

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This lesson was designed for 4th graders

  • Read The Worst Best Friend by Alexis O'Neill. Don't forget to read the dedication page!
  • Give students the worksheet with the text from the book.
  • Read the first few lines and stop. Tell them that sometimes authors break even the most important punctuation rules! Ask them if they can identify which one Mrs. O'Neill is breaking (she uses incomplete sentences)
  • Continue reading the first page and highlight all of the incomplete sentences as you go.
  • Have students read the second page on their own, highlighting incomplete sentences as they go. They might want to work with a partner.
  • Share and discuss what they found as a class.
  • Congratulate students on having a good eye for incomplete sentences. Professional authors can break whatever rules they want, but 4th graders can't. They'll need to use that good eye to be sure that they never write with incomplete sentences.
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