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Appositives: using Owl Moon or The Princess Knight

A lesson, which is quite engaging, about commas.

There is a 4th grade and a 5th grade version of this lesson. All of the steps and concepts are the same, the difference is in the book that is read and the sentences in the worksheets. 4th grade should do this lesson with The Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke 5th grade should do this lesson with Owl Moon by Jane Yolen I have a copy of both books and will loan it out quite willingly.

  • Ask students what are some reasons that commas are used
  • Read the story to the students
  • Pass out the page that has sentences from the story typed out on it
  • Ask students to discover the reason commas are being used in these sentence
  • Key points: The commas surround extra information
  • If the section in the commas was taken out, you’d still have a complete sentence.
  • Have students cut the sentences into individual strips and then cut out the appositive from each sentence. (They should know where to cut because the appositive is surrounded by commas) Then have the glue the remainder of the sentence onto a blank paper. (Notice that they still are left with a complete sentence)
  • Hand out the worksheet to students. Have them add commas where appropriate to the sentences.
  • Then have students write their own take of each sentence on the lines beneath it. They should not copy the sentence, just the format, giving them practice with using appositives in their own writing
  • Sometime in the not-too-distant-future challenge students to use appositives in a piece of their own writing. Maybe start a blog or bulletin board where students can post sentences with appositives when they find one in their reading.

Microsoft Word Version of the Above Directions

4th Grade Cutouts

4th Grade Worksheet

5th Grade Cutouts

5th Grade Worksheet

Originally contributed by Carolyn Grumm

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