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Smithsonian National Natural History Museum’s Mineral page. Click on explore a topic and be fascinated.


Explore with Rex the Dino Detective

Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures

Includes pictures organized by subject as well as release date.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, California Insitute of Technolgy. Offers information on the planets, the earth, the universe, and technology. Includes pictures and video such as artist's conceptions, space pictures, and animations.

NASA’s Home Page

Learning links for all.

NASA’s Kids’ Club

NASA’s fun learning activities for kids

NASA’s Space Kids

Information, activities, links

NASA Quest

Home of NASA's Award-winning Quest Team. This interactive classroom site features Web chats with NASA scientists and engineers and telecasts from various NASA centers, collaborative projects in which students from distant schools can work together via the Internet, as well as puzzles, contests and other activities to interest students.


General Astronomy Learning Center for Young Astronomers. Created by NASA, this site contains sections on the solar system, the universe, and "space stuff"

Arty the Astronaut

Facts, Exploration, Action, Games. Loaded with fun learning.
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